I help education innovators and entrepreneurs leading the paradigm transformation communicate in Spanish to build a better world.

Transforming education is not a utopia

Just take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine…

Schools around the world fostering and respecting every student’s learning pace, and likes, and talents.

Children from isolated locations becoming tomorrow leaders of their communities’ development and prosperity.

Students finding out who they are and which their purpose in life is.

An education paradigm enabling children to become conscious, wise, happy, responsible, free and genuine adults.

Teachers transforming not only the education paradigm, but also their students’ lives and, hence, the world.

You may say I’m a dreamer but I know I’m not the only one. Let me be your Spanish voice and make our dream come true!

Hi! I’m Inés Campillo—eternal apprentice, edutopian dreamer and languages lover.

In 2009 I finished my studies in translation, interpreting and teaching. Great! I thought.

And now, WHAT?

I worked as a foreign language teacher and a translator for several years, but I still felt there was something missing.

I found students only engaged in learning when they felt part of the process and free to create without having the pressure of making mistakes.

But what about me?

I had never felt encouraged at school. My passion was dead. My creativity was lost. And nobody sparked that illusion in me again.

Suddenly, everything changed; I became a mum and I felt I had to come into play. Why? Because helping transform the education paradigm I would be helping my own child.

Now, in Edutopian Words I put my translation and teaching experience together to help creative education communities get in touch, collaborate and share their work for the sake of a better future.

Edutopian Words and my life are founded on three pillars:

I am respectful and open minded

I see difference as enrichment. I respect people singularity and love environments full of different ethnic groups, ways of thinking and cultures. I lived and worked abroad and know the importance of having differences in mind.

As every child, I know every project is unique and treat it with the respect it deserves.

I am a mum

And witness of the natural grace and creativity a child owns. I want my child to be empowered to follow his passion, to be curious, collaborative and open to learning. I want him not only be prepared for this changing world, but contribute to make it better than it is now.

I work side-by-side with ed innovators to help children have the best learning experience.

I am a translator

I use my professional skills to help those who are working to transform the education paradigm and improving people’s lives. I want to contribute to make this EduRevolution grow and increase its reach.

I work to turn this Edutopia into real for Spanish speaking communities.

And know what? I have some ideas to take the EduRevolution all across borders.

I translate your content

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. Benjamin Franklin

I know you are 100% committed to improving your students learning experience. Get me involved and I will help you spread your words and improve the learning experience of the Spanish speaking community.

Translating your content into Spanish will help you connect with education communities sharing your purpose and working on the same direction.

Let’s collaborate and make the EduRevolution grow!

I edit your Spanish content

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela

And words help education change the world. Words are powerful. They can inspire and transform children lives, but they can also be devastating when wrongly used. Choosing the wrong words can make your purpose fail.

By revising your Spanish content, I help you assure your message is received with no grammar, spelling or meaning errors.

They say about me…

Due to her great translation and proofreading skills, Inés has proven to be a great support to the Humanium organization in many online publications in the Spanish language.

She is responsible, efficient, reliable and highly competent in any text presented to her. Her language skills are exceptional, and her work is always timely which is why Humanium is extremely happy to be able to count on her dedication helping the organization grow and produce high-quality content. Apart from her excellent language dominance, Inés is extremely conscientious, continuously helping other translators improve their translation techniques through her insightful proofreading work.

Arndt Soret

Managing Director, Humanium

In my blog, you will find tips for reaching Spanish speaking communities successfully.

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