The decision I would have never wanted to make

I know, it’s been a while since my last publication. 

I don’t like excuses, but there is an explanation.

The facts

I hadn’t been feeling good ultimately so the doctor recommended that I stop. 



Are you kidding me? 

No way!

I’m passionate about this project, about my job! 

I didn’t listen and continued working.

Until something really severe happened.

The process

I realized my health was at stake

Accepting I needed a break was very difficult for me.

But this time I had no choice.

It wasn’t just about me, but about others. 

We live so fast and think we can manage everything, but we are people. 

We are [only] human beings. 

We are vulnerable

Christmas has arrived.

I love sending cards to my friends and relatives. And I always wish them the same thing — being healthy. 

For me, health is the key for everything. 

When we are not feeling well, every area of our life starts failing. Family, job, friends, studies… everything and everybody suffers, not only ourselves. 

I didn’t want to accept that I was unable to be 100% myself.

But nature is wise and I finally got sick.

And this time my illness would directly affect another person.  Someone who was growing inside me. A new human being.

The results

So I began to slow down

As you know, I’m an eternal apprentice. And now, I’m learning about being resilient, having patience and taking care of myself —something new to me. 

And I stopped creating and publishing content. 

So hard, yes. But also necessary.

The future

We will hopefully become a family of four in 2023. 

You, my fellow Edutopian educators, know how demanding children are, so it’s imperative for me to slow down, take care of myself and be ready. 

Giving birth, rising and educating a new life requires us to be and feel good. 

It’s a big responsibility, they are the future. 

And we know how important their education is to transform and build a better world. 

I haven’t gone, I’m here and I will continue working on education. I won´t stop giving my best to transform the world, but in a more personal way —for now.  

It’s time to be fine so I can continue doing what I love most — working in the present to transform the future!

It’s just a break, but a necessary break.

See you soon, my fellow co-drivers!


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