Increase your impact and transform Spanish speaking communities around the world.

Improve millions of students’ lives with the

Trip to Spanish Edutopian Lands Programme.

I love spending time with Fernando, my 4-year-old son and watching how he discovers the world with curiosity and imagination

But… as a mum myself I also worry…


Will he be able to expand that imagination in the real world?


Will someone chop his ideas off his mind and tame him?


I sometimes fear for him, because all the information I find available it’s because I speak English.

But what about those many kids, those many parents in Latin America and Spain who cannot access all this beautiful information?

What about those many educators who cannot speak English?  

I wonder how many children around the world cannot enjoy the same as mine because their parents don’t have this information.


foto de Inés

Hi! My name is Inés and I am the first translator committed to transforming education for Spanish speaking communities. 

In 2009 I finished my studies in translation, interpreting and teaching. 

After working as a foreign language teacher and a translator for many years, I found students only engaged in learning when they felt part of the process and free to create without the pressure of making mistakes.

But what about me?

As a child, I had never felt encouraged at school. My passion was dead. My creativity was lost. And nobody sparked that illusion in me again.

Then, I became a mum and everything fell into place. I knew I had to come into play. Why? Because helping transform education I would be helping my own child and all those whose parents cannot speak English.

I had finally found my purpose. Or should I say “My purpose found me”—to help educators communicate in Spanish to transform Spanish speaking communities and build a better world.


Undertaking the Trip To Spanish Edutopian Lands.

Every student undertakes their own learning trip. Thanks to your care and guidance, they overcome roadblocks and collaborate with each other to find solutions. They learn about life and the values they need to improve the world. 

As you do with your students, I will guide you through your trip to Spanish speaking lands. We’ll undertake this trip together, will solve the obstacles we find and collaborate to improve the life of thousands of Spanish speaking students.

Together, we’ll make education transform the lives of those who speak Spanish. 

Let me be your Spanish voice and let’s undertake the trip for a better world!

Due to her great translation and proofreading skills, Inés has proven to be a great support to the Humanium organization in many online publications in the Spanish language.

She is responsible, efficient, reliable and highly competent in any text presented to her. Her language skills are exceptional, and her work is always timely which is why Humanium is extremely happy to be able to count on her dedication helping the organization grow and produce high-quality content. Apart from her excellent language dominance, Inés is extremely conscientious, continuously helping other translators improve their translation techniques through her insightful proofreading work.

Arndt Soret

Managing Director, Humanium

I have only good things to say about Inés. She is committed to her job, always doing her best. Even at difficult and stressful times, she never gives up and cares about finishing every task in the best possible way. Her attention to detail and sensitivity towards clients, providers and colleagues reflect her human warmth, fostering an excellent working environment. Undoubtedly, working with Inés is a guarantee of success.
Sofía Galocha

Communication and Digital Marketing Expert. Entrepreneur and founder, La Chispa de la Fiesta

The roadmap for the Trip to Spanish Edutopian Lands is the following:

1. Tracing our route

You are about to undertake your journey and have chosen your co-driver. We meet and discuss every detail of our fascinating Trip to Spanish Edutopian Lands.

2. Preparing our luggage

I analyze all the information collected, adjust our roadmap and send you a proposal. But remember, we are a team! Don’t keep anything for yourself! If you have any doubts, ask me! Communication is crucial when working on transforming the world!

3. Taking off

I’m ready. You provide the starting signal and my language job begins.

4. The journey

I continue translating or proofreading and finally, I revise every single aspect to make sure we land safe and in the correct place.

5. Landing

We made it! Now your content impacts the Spanish speaking audience and you change another person’s way of thinking education. The EduRevolution in the Spanish speaking lands has just begun!

Choose your destination

Consulting about my trip—Editing & Proofreading

You noticed that your Spanish content or translations are not good enough? No worries. I assess, edit or proofread them in order to impact and inspire your audience.

Reaching new Edutopian Lands—Translation

Following the Trip to Spanish Edutopian Lands roadmap, I translate your content to impact and transform Spanish speaking communities. Let the EduRevolution reach every Spanish speaking corner!

Landing & staying—Translation & more

You reach and empower Spanish speaking communities. I translate your content and proofread, edit, translate or adapt any other content you already have (up to 2000 words/month for 3 months).


With your first translation service (Reaching new Edutopian Lands plan) you get a 5% discount on your next translation service* or the translation of 2 social media texts** with no additional cost.

*from 3000 words onwards

** up to 2000 words

There are only a few seats left for the next trip.

Ready to take the EduRevolution to Spanish speaking lands?

1. First stop:
Filling in the form

Tell me about you and your project, so I can understand what you are looking for.

2. Second stop: Selecting the passenger

I’ll read all the information provided and will see if there’s a match!

3. Third stop: Meeting the new traveller

We’ll arrange a virtual meeting to start planning our Trip to Spanish Edutopian Lands!


1. What does the price imply? What if I cannot afford it?
In a few words: time, love, dedication and professionalism. I need to analyze your content in detail, do some research and use the techniques I learnt during my university studies and my professional career. Translating is my job. But don’t worry, I’m here to help and we can discuss and find the solution which best fits your needs. Just get in touch and see what we can do to make the world a bit kinder!
2. When will I have my translation finished?

I treat your work with the respect it deserves. You devoted time and love, a lot of effort and a precious time generating this content. So, to be fair, I need time to produce content in Spanish with the same impact and quality as yours. Get in touch and let’s make a customized analysis of your content to set an appropriate deadline!

3. What if I need the translation for tomorrow?

I guess you devoted a lot of time generating your content. Therefore, to be fair and respectful towards your job, I need to be serious and take time to produce a text in Spanish with the same quality standards as yours. If you need a translation for tomorrow, I am afraid I’m not the translator you are looking for.

4. I know some colleagues who speak Spanish. Why should I choose you as my translator?

As you can see in my free video guide, translating is not just a language matter; it implies knowledge of the culture in which that language is spoken. Therefore, as a translator I know the language and the culture of both the native and target audience, but also some specific techniques gained through my experience and my university studies in translation and teaching. In addition I share your purpose, we walk in the same direction and will work with you to make your content have the same impact in the Spanish speaking market.  Finally, it goes without saying that a translator is specialized in the said area and does a lot of research.

5. How can I be sure the result will satisfy my needs?
You are hiring professional services. I’m a serious professional and always take my job seriously. Especially when my job is more than a job, it’s the way I see life. That’s the reason I ask you to fill out a form and have a virtual meeting—to have a better idea of your needs and offer a customized service. Furthermore and as I pointed above, communication is crucial within the whole process.

However, I’m a human and if despite all these communication channels my job does not fit your needs please, do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll find the best way to sort it out.

6. Can you help me if I need a non-education related translation?

Sure. Just tell me what you need and, if I’m not specialized in the area, I’ll refer to a colleague with expertise in that area.