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What a tricky language!

What a tricky language!

It’s very human to adapt things to our culture, to our way of seeing the world. No matter our place of birth. We all do it.  Admit it, you have adapted foreing songs to your own language … so have I. Like the majority of Spaniards, as a child I tended to add...

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You need it to improve the world

You need it to improve the world

In this post we discovered that speaking their language isn’t enough to understand people. You need to connect.  And this is only possible if you have developed cultural competency, as we learnt. But… What is cultural competence, indeed? In this article, I focus...

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Inés Campillo

In 2009 I finished my university studies in translation, interpreting and teaching.

I worked as a foreign language teacher and a translator for several years, but I still felt there was something missing.

Then, I became a mum and everything changed. I knew I had to come into play to let my child enjoy a different learning experience.

So I founded Edutopian Words to help creative education communities get in touch, collaborate and share their work for the sake of a better world.

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