Hi! I’m Inés Campillo and I help out-of-the-box educators connect with Spanish speaking communities to improve their learning experience.

As a language teacher myself, but mainly as a mum, I wake up at night thinking:

Am I facilitating a learning experience which is meaningful for my child?

How can I guide him to connect with his passions?

Am I fostering his creativity and design thinking?

Am I contributing to improve his life?

Is the current learning paradigm the one I wish for my own kid?

I’ve found so many teachers, educators and leaders want to share their initiatives with other education communities but lots of them cannot understand the language. It’s so frustrating… how many good ideas are lost in translation…

But wait! If that is your case, lucky you! You couldn’t be at a better place.

Edutopian Words is the space where creativity, innovation and meaningful learning speak Spanish.

Its purpose is making quality learning opportunities accessible for all, so we are not just transforming education, but also the world.

With this project I help you increase your reach and offer a more inclusive and equal learning experience to more communities.

Spanish speaking educators wishing to learn about innovative education will have the opportunity to do so and change their students’ lives.

Your courses, seminars, books… your words will be accessible for thousands of Spanish speaking educators willing to transform and improve the current paradigm.

I can help you overcome linguistic barriers and make the EduRevolution grow.

Do you want to know how?

Reading the Blog for edutopian communities

This is the space where I give you tips for reaching Spanish speaking communities successfully, share educators translation experiences and give recommendations to find the right words to speak another language.

Using my translation & editing services

I collaborate with you so your words reach schools and communities hungry for advice and innovation.
Together, we’ll contribute to make Spanish speaking children adapt to this changing world and be problem-solvers.
Come on! Let’s make your edutopian project change the world!

They say about me…

I have only good things to say about Inés. She is committed to her job, always doing her best. Even at difficult and stressful times, she never gives up and cares about finishing every task in the best possible way. Her attention to detail and sensitivity towards clients, providers and colleagues reflect her human warmth, fostering an excellent working environment. Undoubtedly, working with Inés is a guarantee of success.
Sofía Galocha

Communication and Digital Marketing Expert. Entrepreneur and founder, La Chispa de la Fiesta

In 2009 I finished my university studies.
That year I took my degree and a plane to the United Kingdom, where I had a great experience teaching Spanish.

Back in Spain, I worked as a freelance translator and a language teacher for several years. I loved what I did, but I still felt there was something missing…

Then, something happened—I became a mum and my life and way of thinking changed. I had to do something as I didn’t want my son experience the industrial model of schooling. I had a mission—contributing to make every child in the world enjoy an inclusive, respectful and equal education.

So I founded Edutopian Words, where my translation and teaching experience help education innovators get in touch, collaborate and inspire Spanish speaking students to build a better world.

When I’m not contributing to make the EduRevolution grow, I am…

Travelling and discovering different cultures

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness […]”. Mark Twain

As a backpacker, with a friend, in group, with my partner, with my family. No matter how, but always getting in touch with locals! For me, it’s the best way to learn about different life styles and their cultures. And it’s helped me to be more responsible, respectful and open-minded.

Creating with my son — and also on my own

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Albert Einstein

As a mum, I am witness of the natural creativity a child has. I love playing with him, creating stories and DIY stuff! I enjoy fostering his natural and genuine skills and do become a child while playing with him.

Dancing and enjoying music

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”. Martha Graham

Music and dancing have always played a central role in my life. I quit my studies in dancing to continue “the established path” but you can find me turning on the radio and improvising flamenco, salsa, ballet, or bachata quite often. I play flamenco castanets and piano is my pending task.

I graduated as a translator and teacher from:

UGR logotipo

I became a Traduemprendedora
(Translation entrepreneur) thanks to:

In my blog, you will find tips for reaching Spanish speaking communities successfully.

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