Chronicle of a Birth Unavoidable


I was grown up to follow the “correct, most successful and travelled path”.

But I won’t tell you about this; that’s a different story.

Today, I’ll tell you about a new life.

Today, I’ll tell you about why and how Edutopian Words was born.


As a child, I remember spending hours “teaching” my dolls, speaking English and translating into Spanish everything I could lay my hands on.

With a degree in Translation and Interpreting and a diploma in Teaching foreign languages, I worked in both industries.

I loved translating, but I didn’t feel comfortable nor connected to the topics I worked on.

I loved teaching, but I didn’t feel the traditional system was truly helping my students to be critical thinkers nor enjoy a meaningful learning experience.

I loved my jobs, but I didn’t feel they were really contributing to improve the world; I felt there was something missing.

And that thing was a purpose.


In 2018 I became a mum. I gave birth not only to my son but to a new Inés.

The metamorphosis had just begun.

Education became even more important to me. I knew I had a great responsibility in growing up my son.

But he would also be the responsibility of others at school. And I was worried about that.

I inevitably found my purpose.

I would help creative, innovative and committed educators spread their word and practices to improve students’ lives.

I would contribute to make education communities get in touch and work together for the sake of a meaningful and student-centered education.

I would work not only for myself and my family but for something much bigger.

Finally, my job would have a raison d’être.


But one person cannot change the world on her own.

So I looked for help and found Mati Ortiz, my mentor.

He guided and helped me discover the great things I could make. And most important, how to achieve them.

So, after a whole life hiding my creativity and adapting to the most travelled road, I decided being myself and put my language and teaching skills at the service of others.

I decided to take my responsibility not only towards my child, but towards the world and help educators reach Spanish speaking communities.

And that’s how I, unavoidably, gave birth to Edutopian Words.

Why Edutopian Words?

Because it is necessary to stop considering a holistic, student-centered and meaningful education as a utopia.

Because every child in the world should enjoy an edutopian learning experience, no matter their culture, birth or language origin.

Because children have the right to be happy, genuine and to develop their innate skills in a respectful way.

Because if we really want to make the world a better place to live, we need critical thinkers and open-minded, respectful and tolerant citizens.

And because education is a global right.

Final considerations

Thank you.

If you’ve kept reading I guess you share these values and vision.

I don’t want to walk alone anymore.

I would love to share the way—or any part of it—with educators who believe a meaningful education is not a utopia.

I want to work together to take this message as far as possible—and to my own community.


  1. Mati Ortiz

    Such a nice and honest story. Thanks for letting me be a small part of your transformation. You are a brave person and an excellent professional. Keep on, always!!

    • Ines

      Thanks Mati! It’s always a pleasure to count on your support 🙂


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I worked as a foreign language teacher and a translator for several years, but I still felt there was something missing.

Then, I became a mum and everything changed. I knew I had to come into play to let my child enjoy a different learning experience.

So I founded Edutopian Words to help creative education communities get in touch, collaborate and share their work for the sake of a better world.

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