Will you be my fellow traveler?


If you read my previous post, you already know why I undertook this trip.

If you didn’t, what are you waiting for?! 😉

I’m completely sure about my mission.

But I have to be honest; I can’t complete it on my own.

Yes, I know… it’s such an exciting mission!

But I need help.

Lucky me you are reading this post!

I may be needing your knowledge and your expertise…

Will you be my fellow traveler?

I won’t promise you the moon.

But I can help you touching some hearts.

Hearts hungry of knowledge, of new experiences, of new ways of learning.

Hearts feeling the same but in a different language.

Why you

Do you remember what led you to choose a career in Education?

Why did you take this path?

What was your purpose?

As an Edutopian educator, you play a huge role in society.

You know, the lives of thousands of people are influenced by what you do every day.

Are you aware of your great responsibility?

You might be inspiring and empowering many minds even without noticing it…

Your daily small actions might be transforming people’s lives.

Isn’t it amazing?

But once more, I have to be honest…

That’s not enough.

Why me

There are many communities who are not enjoying an education transformation.

Who are not empowered.

Who don’t enjoy a holistic and human learning experience.

The reason?

They do not understand you.

I know, it’s so frustrating…

Fortunately, not all is lost.

We just need to join forces.

What do you think?

You put your expertise, experience and knowledge about education together in a bag.

I put my expertise, experience and knowledge about translation in the same bag.

And as fellow travelers, we undertake the challenging and amazing trip to Spanish Edutopian Lands.

Together, we’ll make this transformation real for the Spanish speaking community!

Ok. So… what can you really do for me, Inés?

Yes, sorry. Let’s go to the point 😉

I help you to be anywhere in the world where Spanish is spoken.


Translating and adapting your content from English into Spanish.

Proofreading the Spanish content you already have.

Answering your doubts about Spanish language and your Spanish materials.

Helping and assessing with the procedures involved in reaching a Spanish speaking community (emails, social networks, content writing, etc.).

(Click here for a more detailed description of my services)

Summing up

If after reading this post  you think our purposes agree at any point and walk on the same direction, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

We can meet, chat, ask questions, answer our doubts and if we wish, start a challenging trip.

Because even in a different language, we share a common dream: transforming education to transform the world.

Shall we talk?


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